Notice of Violations

After July 1, 2003 this office will begin sending .pdf files or documents to be converted concerning contested matters to be posted on the "Hearings Page" as mandated by 25-19-108(a)(4).


AP#18-001 AMVC vs. Bale Chevrolet
     False and Misleading Advertising


AP#17-004 AMVC vs. McLarty Nissan of Little Rock
     Deceptive and Fraudulent practices

AP#17-001 AMVC vs. McLarty Nissan of North Little Rock
     Delivery prior to sale

AP#17-002 AMVC vs. Superior Nissan
     Failure to disclose damage prior to sale


AP#16-001 AMVC vs. Teeter Chevrolet
     Failed to have number of vehicles available to meet demands

AP#16-002 AMVC vs. Phil Wright Autoplex
     Failed to have number of vehicles available to meet demands

AP#16-003 AMVC vs. Crain Chevrolet
     Displayed new motor vehicle outside of dealer's relevant market area

AP#16-004 AMVC vs. Derek Libby
     Unlicensed salesperson

AP#16-005 AMVC vs. Orr Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler Dodge Jeep
     False Advertising

AP#16-006 AMVC vs. Steve Landers Kia
     False Advertising

AP#16-007 AMVC vs. Gentry Chevrolet
     False Advertising

AP#16-008 AMVC vs. George Kell Motors
     Utilized franchise logos and/or trademarks in conjunction with vehicle sales at offsite location

AP#16-009 AMVC vs. Steve Landers Kia
     False and Misleading Advertising

AP#16-010 AMVC vs. Honda World
     False and Misleading Advertising

AP#16-011 AMVC vs. Subaru of Little Rock
     False and Misleading Advertising


AP#15-001 North Point Mazda Volkswagen
     Failed to follow paperwork rules

AP#15-002 AMVC vs. Breeden Dodge Chrysler Jeep Inc.
     Failed to properly disclose available warranty

AP#15-003 AMVC vs. Joe Lee Chevrolet
     Failed to install correct tires on vehicle

AP#15-004 AMVC vs. North Point Nissan
     Failed to deliver title


AP#14-001 Gwatney Chevrolet
     False Advertising

AP#14-002 Crain Ford
     Failed to follow paperwork rules

AP#14-003 Crain Hyundai of Bentonville
     Failed to notify buyer of damages

AP#14-004 Landers Pre-owned
     False Advertising


AP#13-001 AMVC vs. North Point Nissan-False and Misleading Advertising
         False & Misleading Advertising                                  

AP#13-004 AMVC vs. Flea Market Lumber/Ronnie Davis-Selling product as an unlicensed dealer.
         Selling Product As An Unlicensed Dealer                                 

AP#13-002 AMVC vs. Red River Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram- False and Misleading Advertising
         False & Misleading Advertising                                  


AP#12-001 AMVC vs. Orr Pre-owned Supercenter Of Hot Springs
         False & Misleading Advertising                                  


AP#11-003 Phil Wright Autoplex
         False & Misleading Advertising

AP#11-002 Bale Chevrolet Company, Inc. d/b/a/ Bale Kia
         False & Misleading Advertising

AP#11-001 AMVC vs. Orr Chevrolet Cadillac
         False & Misleading Advertising                                  


AP#10-009 AMVC vs. Landers Toyota
         Delivery Prior To Sale                                  $1000.00

AP#10-007 AMVC vs. Hoyt's Ag Pro
         Selling Product Without a License                  $300.00

AP#10-002 Hershel Ainsworth vs. Landers Brothers
         False & Misleading Advertising                         $1000.00

AP#10-005 AMVC vs. Landers McLarty Nissan
         False & Misleading Advertising                         $2000.00

AP#10-006 AMVC vs. Superior Nissan
         False & Misleading Advertising                         $2000.00

AP#10-008 AMVC vs. Landers McLarty Ford Dodge
         False & Misleading Advertising.                        $2500.00


AP#09-002 AMVC vs. RV City II
         Fraud of year make of vehicle                         $1000.00

AP#09-004 AMVC vs. Urban Traveler Motor Sports
         Acting as a distributor                                   $250.00

AP#09-005 AMVC vs. Randal Tyler Ford
         False & Misleading Advertising                         $2500.00


AP# 08-001 AMVC vs. Orscheln
         Selling product without a license                    $1000.00

AP# 08-002 AMVC vs. Bolinger's
         Selling product without a license                    $250.00

AP# 08-003 AMVC vs. Freedom Suzuki
         Selling product at unlicensed location             $1000.00

AP# 08-004 AMVC vs. Xtreme Machines
         Selling product at an unlicensed location         $250.00

AP# 08-005 AMVC vs. Crain Chrysler Dodge Jeep
         False and Misleading Advertising                      $5000.00

AP# 08-007 AMVC vs. A-Z Sporting Goods
         Selling product without a license                    $200.00

AP# 08-008 AMVC vs. Bad Boy Enterprises
         Selling product to an unlicensed dealer           $500.00

AP# 08-009 AMVC vs. General Lawn and Garden
         Selling product without a license                    $250.00

AP# 08-010 AMVC vs. Reed's Outdoor Equipment
         Selling product not on license                        $250.00

AP# 08-011 AMVC vs. Dale Green Motors
         Selling product without a license                    $750.00

AP#08-013 AMVC vs. XNA Motors
         Selling without a license                                $500.00


AP# 07-006 AMVC vs. Surplus City
         Distributing product without a license             $5000.00

AP# 07-008 AMVC vs. Bill White
         False and Misleading Advertising                      $2500.00

AP# 07-012 AMVC vs. Sara Jewelers
         Selling product without a license                    $1000.00

AP# 07-013 AMVC vs. Devinney Motorsports
         Selling product without a license                    $1000.00

AP# 07-017 AMVC vs. Clear Creek Golf Cars
         Selling product without a license                    $1200.00

AP# 07-018 AMVC vs. Bentonville Auto Group
         Selling product without a license                    $500.00

AP# 07-020 AMVC vs. Red River Dodge
         Selling product at unlicensed location             $500.00

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