Joy Blankenship
Commission Chair

About the Commission Board

The Commission is comprised of nine (9) Commissioners appointed by the Governor of Arkansas. Each Commissioner is appointed to serve seven (7) year terms.

One (1) Commissioner shall be appointed from each of the four (4) Congressional Districts of the State as constituted July 1, 1975, and five (5) members of the Commission, including the consumer and elderly representatives, shall be appointed from the state at large. Four (4) members of the Commission shall be licensees or shall be qualified as licensees under the provisions of this chapter at the time of their appointment. Five (5) members of the Commission shall be appointed from the public at large, including the consumer representatives and the elderly representative.

No more than four (4) members of the Commission shall at any time be licensees under this chapter or have any financial interest in, or be an officer or an employee of, a licensee of this chapter, and at least one (1) of them shall be licensed as a dealer of franchise motorcycles.

Commissioners appointed to the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission are:


Ms. Joy Blankenship, a consumer representative, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Vice Chair:



Mr. Duane Neal, a consumer representative, Bentonville, Arkansas


Mr. Jimmy Jones, a consumer representative, Fordyce, Arkansas


Mr. Mitch Ward, a dealer representative, Cabot, Arkansas


Mr. Foster "Jock" Davis, a consumer representative, Russellville, Arkansas


Mr. Jeff Baskin, a consumer representative, Little Rock, Arkansas


Mr. Rick Whitten, a dealer representative, Centerton, Arkansas


Mr. Michael Moix, a dealer representative, Conway, Arkansas


Mr. Scott Wood, a dealer representative, Batesville, Arkansas

The Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission is a fully self supported government office. The revenue collected is not generated by General Revenue Funding, but by the license fees and any civil penalties that may be assessed. The Commission office is comprised of seven (7) employees. The Commission office is charged with the responsibility of issuing certificate of license to approximately 6,500 individuals or businesses. The license issued is subject to certain regulations and rules as well as certain business practices. The license is issued on an annual basis and may be suspended or revoked with due cause, after a proper administrative hearing has been conducted.

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